WAN SONG TANG SUGAR BALANCE TEA: Is Created From A 2,000 years old herb called “Cyclocarya Paliurus” which have been used in Ancient Chinese medicines, used to lower sugar levels & also protects the taker from having diabetes.

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Product Name: Quality Chinese Products Sugar Balance Tea For Type 2 Diabetes

Classification: Tea For Diabetes, Sugar Balance Tea, Tea To Lower Blood Sugar

Specification: 2.5g × 20 sachets/box

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Ingredients: 100% Pure Natural Herbal Food Healthy Ingredients. Cyclocarya paliurus leaf, Sealwort, Cassia seed, Chinese yam.

Cyclocarya paliurus leaf: can lower blood sugar, reduce fat and urine sugar, can help insulin to lower blood sugar, and can improve glucose tolerance.

Sealwort: It can inhibit the blood sugar caused by adrenaline.

Cassia: laxative, treatment of constipation and high blood fat, high blood pressure.

Yam: Yam contains mucin protein, which has the effect of lowering blood sugar. It can be used to treat diabetes. It is a therapeutic food for diabetics.

Health Benefits:

1. Soften blood vessels, promote blood circulation of heart and brain.

2. Anti-oxidative, resist against free radicals, anti-inflammatory.

3. Prevent heart problem, stroke, brain thrombus, improve mental focus and memory.

4. Clear the head and eyes, resolve toxin.

5. Help lower blood lipids and cholesterol, lower blood pressure and obesity.

Unsuitable: Children, a woman who is pregnant and lactating

Storage: Keep in a dry and cool place

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