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Neocell Super Collagen + C

Neocell Super Collagen + C


Collagen is a complex structural protein that maintains strength and flexibility throughout the body. As we age, collagen depletion can lead to common signs of aging in the skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Super Collagen contains clinically studied BioActive NeoCell Collagen which supports healthy collagen formation throughout the body.

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Beauty: Hair, Skin & Nails
– Helps minimize fine lines & wrinkles.
– Improves elasticity & hydration in the skin.
– Strengthens weak & damaged nails.
– Thickens fine hair & adds body.
Body: Joints, Bones, Ligaments & Tendons
– Strengthens connective tissues for better mobility & flexibility.
– Supports the bone matrix.
– Glycine contributes to lean muscle to help burn fat while you sleep.
– Promotes muscle recovery & joint lubrication.
Vitality & Positive Aging
– Replenishes depleted collagen supplies.
– Improves circulation.
– Amino acids like Lysine found in Collagen, helps the body absorb calcium.
– Helps stimulate the body’s collagen cycle to renew tissue.
Super Collagen provides a high potency dose for optimum collagen replenishment in the body.
Vitamin C is added to improve collagen formation in the body.
What is Collagen?
Collagen is a protein that defines the structural integrity of our bodies.
Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and can be found in bones, skin, muscles, eyes, nails, ligaments, tendons, joints, and hair.
As the body ages, collagen supplies and the ability to regenerate them decrease. This compromises structural integrity. Collagen fibers weaken and breakdown, contributing to common signs of aging such as wrinkles and joint pain.
Collagen is the primary structural component for all tissue in the body, providing the strength, tenacity and resilience we rely on daily.
Collagen aids in regenerating and forming new tissue. Depending on how it is arranged, collagen forms the basis for either rock-hard bone or soft, pliable skin.


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