Natures Lab FallOpen Tea with YiMuCao and XiXianCao

Natures Lab FallOpen Tea with YiMuCao and XiXianCao


The herbs contained in Natures Lab FallOpen tea work synergistcally to:

  • Dispel stagnant blood
  • Dissolve fibroids
  • Eliminate Ovarian Cysts
  • Correct Hormonal Imbalance
  • Boost chances of conception

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When used in conjunction, these two herbs, Yimucao and Xixiancao contained equally in Natures Lab FallOpen Tea are also believed to be excellent anti-inflammatories and immune system enhancers to allow your body to function at its best.


What Does Xi Xian Cao Do Exactly?

So, what is Xi xian cao used for medicinally? Actually, its medicinal history can be dated back to the Tang Dynasty, about 1,000 years ago. It is capable of treating rheumatism, eczema, rubella, urticaria, and pruritus.


Modern pharmacological actions of Xi Xian Cao:


It is anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving


It lowers blood pressure


It enhances immune function


It can dilate blood vessels


It significantly inhibits blood clotting


What Does Yi Mu Cao Do Exactly?


Dispels Blood Stasis, Invigorates Blood, Reduces Masses


Very important herb for gynecological disorders due to stagnation of blood. It regulates the blood and treats irregular menses, amenorrhea, heavy menses with clots, postpartum abdominal pain, infertility, traumatic pain and abdominal masses or fibroids.


Simply add one teaspoon of Natures Lab FallOpen tea to a cup of hot water, allow to brew for five minutes then drink.

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