Himalaya Guduchi Tablets


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Product Description

Guduchi is part of the “Rasayana” category of Ayurvedic plants, traditional rejuvenators and important daily tonics. Guduchi supports the normal function of the immune system by supporting normal levels of white blood cells like macrophages.

Guduchi was used historically by other world cultures, too. In the Philippines, recorded early in the last century, natives used a variety of the Tinsopora plant as a general body-support tonic. They called it Makabuhay, meaning, “you may live.” (US Dispensatory 1918, Remington, Wood, et al, Ed.)

Benefits of Guduchi

  • Guduchi supports normal function of the immune system
  • Guduchi supports normal white blood cell structure, function and levels
  • Guduchi contains active constituents like beta-sitosterol
  • Guduchi supports normal liver functions
  • Guduchi supports normal kidney functions
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