Himalaya Evecare Capsules

Himalaya Evecare Capsules

Evecare is a formulation of herbs based on ayurvedic principles. Formulated by the renowned Himalaya Herbals company, Evecare is a female health tonic that is designed to maintain the health of the reproductive organs. It helps to support normal menstruation, relieves the discomfort of menstrual symptoms, promotes regularity of ovarian hormones and serves as a uterine tonic.

Expiry Date: 30 June 2021

Benefits of Evecare

  • Evecare is a female uterine tonic that tones and nourishes the reproductive system
  • Evecare helps in maintaining a normal menstrual cycle and normal menstruation
  • Evecare helps provide relief during menstrual symptom discomfort
  • Evecare helps normalize hormones that support follicle maturation and ovulation
  • Evecare helps support normal levels of estrogen and progesterone
  • Evecare supports female libido


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