E-FONG YiMuCao Herbal Tea

Xi xian cao, also known by its Latin name ‘Siegesbeckia Orientalis’, is a Chinese herb with different nutritional properties. Xi xian cao benefits include that it can help dispel wind, reduce high blood pressure and remove toxicity. This herb is also commonly known for its effect to unblock Fallopian tubes and it’s effectiveness to treat bone and muscle pain due to rheumatism.

Normally xi xian cao is prepared in a dosage between 10-15 grams steeped as a herbal tea or simmered on low fire in a pan. The herb is also often consumed together with Yi mu cao

Two bottles of 100 grams high concentrated granules of Yi mu cao and xi xian cao

  •  No preservatives, artificial flavouring or colouring added
  •  China’s National First-Class Accredited
  •  Australian GMP certified.
  • Original Granules tablets, with original package and contents. 500 mg per tablet, 200 tablets are equal to 100 gram of original, less bitter taste, same functions
  • 200 tables as a product of original e-Fong herbal tablets. Just for helping people. No extra additives. 30 days taking time suggested due to high absorption to moisture.

To promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, regulate menstruation and relieve metrorrhagia; To promote diuresis and relieve edema; To clear heat and toxic materials; Lower blood pressure.

Suggested Use
Dissolve 1-3 scoops (2-4 grams) in a cup of hot water to make a tea 2-3 times daily.

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